A r e   Y o u   L o o k i n g   f o r   E m p l o y m e n t ?    APPLY  ~
         Top Reasons why temps 
          prefer Dental Link
  ♦  Friendly and courteous staff

  ♦  Established reputation that is
      recognized by the dental community

  ♦  Flexibility of work schedule (classes,
     between jobs, office closed for

  ♦  Opportunity to seek permanent
     placement without expending time 
     and effort distributing resumes

  ♦  Wages are competitive

  ♦  Wages are based on years of
      experience and certifications achieved

  ♦  Ability to work in a variety of offices
     and meet professional peers

  ♦  Ability to earn extra income without
     having to look for a new job
 ~   APPLY   ~


Documents You'll Need 
♦  Resume

♦  Social Security Card

♦  Current Driver's License

♦  Current CPR Certification

♦  Hepatitis B Immunization Record

♦  Nitrous Oxide Certification

♦  Two (2) Professional References

♦  Texas RDA License (Assistants)

♦  Radiology Certificate (Assistants)

♦  Texas Dental Hygienist 
    License (Hygienists)

♦  Sealant Certification (Hygienists)

♦  Other Certifications